Best way to discover the project ! It contains everything, including the content of this website.

Mists&Swords is a game project realised during my final and fourth year at school, as my diploma work.


The game had to be based on a pre-existing story and gameplay. The purpose of that work was the creation of an Art Direction adapted to the chosen gameplay and story. Every videogame student had to create a fake gameplay trailer and an oral presentation (with several concepts of characters and environnements) of his project.


I chose on top of that to make a small playable demo, and twisted the trailer into a small 2D introduction movie.


The King Arthur has been missing for two years, and his once prosperous kingdom of Logre is now a dangerous and unruly place. Every week reports of attacks and strange events reach the gates of Camelot.


The witch Morgane and her foul magic eat a little bit more of Logre by the day. Her dark and misty hideout of Avalon spreads its fumes everywhere, and with that cursed fog come monsters and surrealistics nightmares...


The remaining knights of the round table have come to a conclusion. The only place their king can be held prisonner is on Avalon ,and they have decided to go and look for him. In order to bring him back, they will have to travel deep into the strange realms of Morgane, deeper that the mind can conceve...